There are currently hundreds of tools; which are indispensable for the development of an automated business, starting from the digital world, which instantly evolve. It is normal to find very good tools of: audio, videos, words or text editing, collaborate, bookmarks, searching, pruductivity, notes, blog, news feeds, technology, web 2.0, web 3.0, shanre, social media, networks and physical locations, among other.

We will try to categorize them and place the link of many of these tools available to our visitors, highlighting that we use many of these tools, in the projects of our consumers with an excellent recommendation, clarifying that depending on the project or business in development, You can consider whether a certain tool is adaptable successfully.

Virtual chat as instant customer support

Uno de los principales problemas que existen en las empresas es el soporte al cliente. Hay veces nopodemos entender que nuestros clientes; es la sagre que mantiene vivo un negocio y el soporte es el cerebro del negocio, pudiendo resolver un problema grande o pequeno con solo un click de distancia en menos de 15…

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