Business Development

At the end of the day, when we refer to business development, we are emphasizing the importance of having a «strategic marketing and sales plan» in action, but first, we must comply with some phases so that the company can be competitive and can reach the proposed goals. This is achieved by assessing the business model and the strategic approach, which are part of the structure of the «business plan», where high-value components such as a SWOT analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, Opportunities) are the basis of success.

For the aforementioned, we have defined that our main function is to be part of the creation of added value of each company that requests our services to:

  1. Increase the ideal customer base
  2. Identify and attack new niche markets
  3. Improve relationships with investors, strategic allies, employees, government and customers

Our business consultants adjust to the needs of your business to measure success, improve efficiency, maximize performance and minimize risk, providing services such as:

  • • Market research and development
    • Identification and analysis of the competition
    • Creation and implementation of sales plans
    • Study and consolidation of corporate structures
    • Development and implementation of competitive advantage strategies
    • Planning, organization and strategic business management
    • Development of business plans
    • Business strategy consulting
    • Process optimization or reengineering
    • Development of franchise scheme
    • Marketing Consulting
    • Business consulting and representation in Colombia, Canada, Peru and Mexico
    • Advice to foreign companies in expansion processes
    • Definition of objectives, goals, vision and mission.
    • Logistics for SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
    • Business coaching
    • Research and development to create new processes and products or services.
    • Research and analysis to identify business opportunities
    • Design, creation and implementation of strategic sales manuals

Thanks to our expertise, we have the ability to create scenarios for opportunities if there are none, using strategic alliances, technological innovation, among others.


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