Always aiming to create a positive impact on the small business world, in December 2015 the idea of ​​creating a platform that helped small Latin American entrepreneurs to make themselves known in Canada was born, and finally, in May 2016 Latin Business Magazine Inc was established as a company.

During the time that the online portal remained active, we realized that there was much more to do. We understood that it was time to evolve and in August 2019, we created Latin Business Holdings Inc, which begins its operational activity from 2020, through its subsidiaries, projecting to 2021, a new phase in management for the representation of national and international businesses …

We are an ally for anyone who is thinking of developing a business idea, we are a Business Development Agency. Our goal is to help improve the competitiveness of small companies, supporting them in processes related to:

  • Marketing strategies.
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Development of corporate image (graphic design, printed content and digital communications).
  • Development of tailored technology platforms (Websites, Apps).
  • Search for new markets and potential customers (business events).
  • Representation of national and international businesses to new markets.
  • Generator of business opportunities; as commercial representatives of companies in Canada or Colombia, and soon the United States and Mexico.

We are constantly evolving to create services that allow you to attract more customers, have better conversion rates, sell more and build customer loyalty.


Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative, reliable, and high-impact solutions through each and every one of our brands, that lead to the improvement of their business development, and that allow us to prosper as a sustainable business to create better opportunities for our shareholders, employees, suppliers and the local community.


Our goal is to build a holding company focused on providing world-class quality solutions that support the growth efforts of all our stakeholders and to become leaders in the fields in which we do busines